Last Round Arthurs

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Last Round Arthurs

Associated Names
Last Round Arthurs 2: Saint Arthur and Red little girl Jack
Last Round Arthurs 2: Seijo Arthur to Aka no Youjo Kishi
Last Round Arthurs: Kuzu Arthur to Gedou Merlin
Last Round Arthurs: Scum Arthur and Heretic Merlin
ラストラウンド・アーサーズ2 聖女アーサーと赤の幼女騎士
ラストラウンド・アーサーズ3 雪の少女とアーサー殺しの王
ラストラウンド・アーサーズ クズアーサーと外道マーリン

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Author(s) : HITSUJI Tarou

Artist(s) : HAIMURA Kiyotaka

Genre : Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Shounen, Supernatural

Local high school prodigy Rintaro Magami's daily life is pretty boring, though not for lack of things to do. He's just...done everything already. In order to kill some time, he deliberately teams up with Luna, the most good-for-nothing girl around, and enters a competition to decide the next successor of the legendary King Arthur. But there's just one problem... Luna pawned off the holy sword Excalibur!

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