Black Iron Magician

Black Iron Magician

Associated Names
Black Iron Wizard
Kurogane no Mahoutsukai
黒鉄の魔法使い ~無才な弟子の修行譚~

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Author(s) : Mayoi Doufu, 迷井豆腐

Artist(s) : Nyum, にゅむ

Genre : Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Supernatural

It has been more than ten years since he was transported to another world. The protagonist Deris Fahrenheit, who has became a magician with special circumstances, was freely enjoying his life in this world. However, a girl appeared before him and asked him to make her his disciple. That girl seems to be a transported person――

It’s a story of him who becomes the girl’s teacher and trains her to achieve her revenge (?) in otherworld.

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